Coordinated Healthcare. Today.

About Us

rn.d.s. is an app that brings doctors and nurses together on the floor of the hospital so they can actually see the patient…together. We provide tools for caregivers and patients that ensures the highest quality of care and improves outcomes.

rn.d.s. (Nurse. Doctor. Satisfaction.) started with a simple idea: Improve Caregiver and Patient coordinated care using simple technology. That’s exactly what we’re doing with our platform.

Listening to customers and patients, developing a software platform that is simple, easy to use, efficient and improves the quality of care while reducing errors is how we operate. From the initial idea to delivery of our product, we focus on patients and caregivers every step along the healthcare paradigm.

While the idea is simple, the process isn’t easy. Hospitals are busy, demanding environments built on a conglomerate of systems. Federal regulations mandate new systems that require updating workflows. Through our continuous evolving process we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. When caregivers work better, and patients are engaged in their healthcare, we all benefit.


Our innovative and passionate people are creating coordinated healthcare communication to simplify, empower and fill the gap between technology and care.

We’re fortunate to have a Leadership Team of talented professionals who have been there and done it before, with the right combination of experience to steer us through our fast-paced growth. Get to know the people who cultivate our innovative spirit.

Our Leadership Team

  • Jayson Aydelotte, MD

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Dr. Aydelotte is a founding member of Bueller Rounds and a founding partner of Bueller Innovation, LLC. Jayson is a practicing surgeon in Austin, Texas and is a medical product innovator. Jayson dedicates his time to Bueller Rounds through his unique abilities to bring people together to accomplish company goals as well as his innovative mind to creating new and different angles to improve the product or implement it in a user-friendly way. Jayson makes patient rounds every day.

  • John Sabra, MD


    Dr. Sabra is a founding member of Bueller Rounds and a founding partner of Bueller Innovation, LLC. John is a practicing surgeon and innovator in Austin, TX. John has dedicated his professional life to identifying areas of medical care that can benefit from change, entrepreneurship, and innovation. John manages a large portion of Bueller Rounds specifically toward his strengths of financial implementation, corporate/marketing strategy, and disciplined approach to implementation of the product and product development. John makes patient rounds every day.

  • Alec Robinson

    VP Engineering

    Alec is a software engineer and the managing partner of 72apps, LLC, Austin, TX. He is an experienced application and software designer and engineer and is the principle designer for the rn.d.s. application. He has been the creator of over 100 applications across a variety of platforms including iOS, android, and desktop-based software. Alec is a graduate of MIT and has lived and worked in Austin since 2013.

  • Gary Peil

    COO and Implementation

    Gary is currently leading our implementation and training team. He brings over 28 years of experience in the areas of teaching, training, project management, and leadership development. Gary has taught as an adjunct professor for Union University in Jackson, TN and Visible Music College in Memphis, TN. Gary’s experience in the healthcare industry comes through his training in clinical pastoral education and as a hospital chaplain for Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. He has a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Virginia and an M.Div. and Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

Our Board of Directors

Our board boasts wide-ranging expertise across a broad spectrum of organizations, from major health systems to industry-leading technology vendors. What they have in common is a singular focus on growing young companies and positioning solid business models for major success.

Jayson Aydelotte • John Sabra

Key Advisors

  • Suzanne Shifflet

    Suzanne Shifflet, is the Chief Financial Officer of TechCXO. Suzanne has worked at various healthcare and healthcare technology-enabled companies serving as both COO and CFO aiding them in their turnaround or growth strategies, consistently increasing both the top-line revenue and profitability.