Coordinated Healthcare. Today.


RNDS develops products and solutions that bring people together and connects them in ways never before possible —intuitively and with simplicity.

RNDS FullCore

Designed to make the complex schedule of doctors more efficient and coordinated, and increase quality of patient care.

Its the All-in-One HIPAA compliant platform for coordinated care, patient assessments, real-time analytics on quality of care, voice calling, messaging and more.

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Outpatient RNDS

Designed for continuity of patient care in outpatient and clinical environments

Outpatient RNDS offers continuity of care between doctors and patients in outpatient settings. Ideal for applications where monitoring of medications and patient reported outcome tracking is critical.

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Let’s Go! By RNDS

Our download-free indoor wayfinding solution for hospitals and organizations

Let’s Go! by RNDS offers indoor wayfinding on existing WiFi networks. Using QR codes placed at strategic locations, users simply point their phone camera and go to find directions points of interest without requiring an app download.

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RNDS Concierge

RNDS Concierge connects hospitality industries with their guests and staff services, improving convenience and efficiency.

RNDS Concierge adds new elements of connectivity and convenience for the guest’s hotel experience. Wayfinding, concierge and check in/out services combined into one seamless app.

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