Coordinated Healthcare. Today.


rn.d.s. is an app that brings doctors and nurses together using handheld geolocation through Wi-Fi router mapping technology, and a real-time satisfaction platform that shows intantaeous feedback for improved patient care.

What does rn.d.s stand for?

rn.d.s. stands for Nurse. Doctor. Satisfaction. It is at the core of what we do.

What does rn.d.s?

rn.d.s. is an all in one platform that helps enhance how quality of care is provided to help patients achieve better outcomes, helps control costs by increasing operational efficiencies, is patient centered to help improve the patient experience by allowing patients and caregivers to interact with one another and provide real time feedback, improving the caregiver experience by providing them with a tool that improves workflow and empowers the care teams to coordinate, reduces redundancies in technologies by combining various daily functions into one system, provides real time analytics to administrators to help improve HCAHPS scores and overall quality of care.

How does privacy work?

We take privacy very seriously. This means that the system meets or exceeds standards set forth by the HIPAA and HITECH security act. Data uploaded to our platform is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and only people you’ve selected will be able to see your content.

Can I use my own mobile device?

Yes. However, this will depend upon your institutions policies.

Where are you located?

We are based in Austin, TX with capabilities domestically and internationally.

Can anyone download the app and where do I go to download?

rn.d.s. is a service for existing rn.d.s. customers based in the US or Canada with active rn.d.s. contracts. rn.d.s. will verify any new user with the account manager. The account manager may reach out to the primary contact at the customer site to confirm the user’s eligibility. Once a customer has a contract with rn.d.s. and is given access, rn.d.s. can be downloaded via Google Play and the App Store.