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Work Safe. Work Healthy.

HealthCheck by RNDS helps maintain a healthy working environment for workplace staff and their customers. Monitor, track and document the health status of your workers with RNDS HealthCheck.

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Confidence in the Time of COVID-19


Staff are prompted to take a short HealthCheck questionnaire periodically throughout the day to determine if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

healthcheck required

Users that pass the HealthCheck questionnaire are presented with a HealthCheck OK confirmation, allowing them to continue to work as normal.

Healthcheck Okay

Users that fail the HealthCheck questionnaire are presented with a warning confirmation, prompting them to contact management immediately.

Healthcheck warning

HealthCheck results are automatically logged to an admin dashboard allowing Human Resource managers to review the health of its workforce as related to COVID-19. Additionally, staff have the ability to submit Shift Survey ratings, providing helpful feedback to managers,

Maintain a Safe Workspace

RNDS Healthcheck Instills Confidence With Staff & Customers

Organizations are facing a myriad of challenges from the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. HealthCheck by RNDS is a practical solution that allows companies to help manage and maintain a safe working environment. RNDS HealthCheck is ideal for the hospitality industry, restaurants, hotels and other organizations where human interaction takes place.

  • Helps organizations meet local, state and federal Phased Reopening requirements and mandates
  • Instills confidence that establishments are operating within and above mandated requirements
  • Intuitive app – no hardware to install
  • Easy implementation by the RNDS team
  • Subscription pricing model – no capital expenditure
  • No installation fee
Work Safe

Work Safe

Health Reports

Health Reports

Mobile Oriented

Mobile Oriented

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Available now for iPhone and Android


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