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Let’s Go!

Let’s Go! by RNDS is a simple, effective wayfinding solution that helps people easily find their way to their destination—without the requirement of hardware or software installation.

QR codes are placed at key locations throughout the facility. Users point their phone camera at the QR code, generating a link to follow.
Let’s Go! asks the user where they would like to go. New destinations may also be accessed from this menu at any time, making finding your way easy!
Directions to the desired location are presented to the user on their mobile device. Users may pick another destination point at any time.

Wayfinding Made Easy

Let’s Go! by RNDS introduces a simple way for users to find their way to their destination. All without the use of hardware installation or app downloads.

  • Customized maps of your building and facility
  • Let’s Go! by RNDS can be fully customized to match your facility’s existing brand
  • Works on existing systems – no hardware to install
  • Easy implementation by the RNDS team
  • Replaces printed maps entirely, making sure destination routes are always updated and accurate for users

Our intuitive wayfinding solution can be the perfect solution for your customers, indoor and outdoor. Let’s Go! by RNDS is perfect for healthcare organizations, retail spaces, and other venues where users have issues finding their way due to unmarked, confusing and often mislabeled routes.

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  • Get There Fast

    Let's Go! By RNDS is simple to use. Simply point your camera phone at strategically placed QR codes, and be routed to your destination.

  • Traffic Analytics

    Know where your visitors go! Analytics from Let's Go! by RNDS allows you to easily understand user traffic patterns.

  • Mobile Oriented

    Eliminate the expense and trouble of updating and distributing printed maps that are often out of date and inaccurate.

  • Fully Customizable

    Fully customizable destination categories and locations allow organizations to make sure users get to where they want to go.