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Connecting Clinical Trial Researchers With Their Participants

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Two way communication between researchers & participants

Trial Participant Dashboard

RNDS Clinical Trials is a customizable, HIPAA-compliant, dual-focused, mobile application connecting clinical providers and trial participants to efficiently collect, distribute, and display study-specific information.

  • Staff-to-staff and participant-to-staff two way communication
  • In-app VOIP calling and messaging
  • Real time video consults
  • Customizable outcome assessments
  • Digital Health Suitcase
  • Integration with existing systems to prevent double entry of data

Inspired by Experience

RNDS Clinical Trials was created by medical & research professionals

Created by professionals who wanted to efficiently maximize their time spent with other providers and clinical trial participants, RNDS Clinical Trials allows staff-to-staff and participant-to-staff communication via text, VOIP in-app calling and real-time video consults.

PI Dashboard

Waiting Room

Video Consult

Scheduling & Communication

Convenience and efficiency in one easy-to-use app

RNDS Clinical Trials digitally marries the availability schedule to the actual communication tool, eliminating the extra step of having to find out who is on call. With one button, participants and staff members can access the right trial staff member, all on a HIPAA secure cloud. Our platform also serves as a digital repository of trial-related information such as photos, consent forms, and even participant related health assessments, acting as a trial-specific, multi-platform convertible digital record.

  • Helps clinical researchers and their participants stay connected insuring retention of trial participants
  • Intuitive app – no hardware to install
  • Easy to use and swift implementation by the RNDS team
  • Subscription pricing model – no capital expenditure
  • Connects with existing systems

HIPAA Secure


Mobile Oriented

Fully Customizable


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