Coordinated Healthcare. Today.

For Doctors

RNDSapp was designed to make the complex schedule of doctors more efficient and coordinated!

Download RNDSapp on your mobile phone now!

  • On your mobile phone – Visit and install RNDSapp onto your mobile phone.

  • After downloading RNDSapp:

    1. Create your account by entering your email and a password
    2. Accept the terms of service (yes, you have to scroll through them all)
    3. Select “doctor” as your account type
    4. Enter the unique code for the facility (the hospital administrator can provide this code to you)
    5. Complete your profile with your first name, last name, hospital, and a photo.
  • You may now proceed to your homepage which is a map of the facility.

Important reminders when setting up your account:

  • Make sure to upload a photo to increase communication and awareness between you, your care team and your patients!
  • Make sure to complete the provider survey!
  • Make sure to allow push notifications from the RNDSapp. This will allow you to be notified when you have new messages from the care team.

Benefits of Using RNDSapp

When arriving at a facility or floor, use RNDSapp to begin rounding on your patients. Simply open the map of the facility and floor where you are seeing patients and click on the room number. A rounding page then appears overlaying the map with the name of the nurse, their picture, and a list of all other rooms they are caring for. You can then send a rounds request, find that nurse’s specific location on the map, or directly message that particular nurse. RNDSapp brings care teams together with ease, makes rounding more efficient and brings more personal clarity to clinical decisions.

  • Superior efficient rounding solution
  • Increased care team communication
  • Direct text messaging to care team
  • Better job performance and satisfaction!