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For Patients

With RNDSapp, know when your doctor is going to see you, and communicate with your care team during and post-discharge!

Download RNDSapp on your mobile phone now!

  • On your mobile phone – Visit and install RNDSapp onto your mobile phone.

  • After downloading RNDSapp – Login to create your profile using the code written on the patient card that is provided to you by your care team.

Important reminders when setting up your account:

  • Make sure to get the access code written on your patient card.
  • Make sure to enter your primary contact when setting up your account. If you do not have a primary contact, simply enter your own information in the primary contact section.
  • Make sure to allow RNDSapp to send you push notifications so you can be notified with updates from your care team.
  • Make sure to upload a photo to increase communication and awareness between you and your care team!
  • You will receive a questionnaire about your care, make sure to complete this questionnaire from your homepage.

Benefits of Using RNDSapp

Provide real time feedback on your stay – ensuring your voice is heard and contributing to a higher quality of care and superior patient experience.

Daily Patient Experience and Satisfaction Assessments, effectively allows you to “round” on the hospital and the team caring for you, empowering your voice while you are in the hospital. Increased communication and real-time assessments sent directly to the hospital leadership provides for better two-way communication, reduces errors, and improves your overall patient satisfaction.

  • Contact your nurse from the convenience of your mobile phone.
  • Assign a primary contact to receive status updates in real-time while you are under care.
  • Take Daily satisfaction assessments.
  • Eliminate errors in your care.

Installation is simple, and by providing real-time feedback to your caregivers, we can make sure your needs are met responsively and effectively. Visit on your mobile phone!