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Arise Austin Medical Center Adopts RNDS to Improve Patient Outcomes and Nurse Engagement


RNDSapp, an all-in-one, integrated communication and collaboration platform delivers an exceptional healthcare experience for everyone. RNDS announces today an agreement with Arise Austin Medical Center to deploy RNDS, an all-one, secure care team collaboration mobile platform for improving the quality of care Arise patients receive.


The RNDS platform is designed to solve real business issues for hospital administrators, improving patient experience and ratings, increasing referrals and procedures, reducing nurse turnover, and lowering readmissions. The company is founded by physicians with the goal of changing the whole hospital experience, the doctors’ experience, the nurses’ experience and the patients’ experience, and make that a real bottom line return on investment for hospitals.

Arise Austin Medical Center is a physician-owned, licensed general acute care hospital that provides a full spectrum of orthopedic surgical and general surgical procedures. Arise Austin Medical Center is focused on improving and introducing the centers and services patients need to feel as healthy, happy and cared for as possible. Arise offers an MVP team of physicians and staff who deliver personal, thoughtful patient care.

John Weinberg, Interim CEO and Chief Nursing Officer at Arise Austin Medical Center, says, “At Arise, we lead with care. Our patients are not another number-they are guests. We make sure to carefully tailor each of our patients’ experiences to make their stay here, however long, as comfortable as we can. Our rollout of RNDS is helping us improve our patient experience and coordinated care, keeping us on the leading edge of collaborative healthcare. Most recently, we began offering state-of-the-art DaVinci robotic surgery, and a full multi-modal imaging department. Along with our innovative surgical services and imaging departments, we see RNDS as a great fit to accomplish our mission on a daily basis.”

“When we were approached by RNDS, we immediately saw the benefits of adopting their platform. Our Doctors, Nurses and hospital staff experience increased collaboration and engagement between themselves and our patients. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and we are proud to be one of the first facilities in Central Texas who are using RNDS to improve our quality of care. The RNDS team has been responsive and engaged in every step of the implementation process.”

Chris Hurst, CEO of RNDS says, “We are excited to have Arise as a customer and look forward to helping them maintain their high level of personalized healthcare at their surgical facility.  Their focus on teamwork and patient satisfaction are outstanding. Reaction from the care team and patients has been very positive.”

About RNDS

RNDS is a privately held technology company founded in 2016 by John Sabra, M.D. and Jayson Aydelotte, M.D. in Austin, TX. Both are military veterans and active surgeons and are passionate about improving the overall experience of healthcare today. The company develops and markets a communication platform application for hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. Our innovative and passionate people are creating coordinated healthcare communication tools to empower all user constituencies—doctors, nurses, patients and administrators, and close the gap between technology and patient care.

For more information about RNDS, and its suite of healthcare collaboration and communication tools, please contact Chris Hurst at 512.256.4005 or