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Let’s Go! Wayfinding Technology Expands into Sports Arena

Let’s Go! is the latest innovation from the Austin-based company healthcare tech company RN.D.S., who specializes in telemedicine and hospital tech solutions that help improve care and experience for patients, caregivers, and visitors alike, but who have recently expanded into other arenas where their technological innovations are extremely applicable such as sporting events or other large venues/events. Let’s Go! wayfinding technology by RN.D.S. was recently implemented at a well-known golf tournament in Austin, TX a few weeks ago with great success and feedback from visitors and volunteers alike.

Let’s Go! initially started as a solution to help users navigate around confusing hospital layouts with the help of the QR code scanner and their smartphone. The technology allows the user to avoid potential exposure to COVID-19 through touching physical maps etc., and instead allows the user to scan a quick QR code and be able to have their phone route them to their desire destination with precision and accuracy. This technology is extremely useful for the hospital space, but also presents major opportunities in other arenas such as sports venues, large events, and other large buildings/venues such as airports or concerts.

Let’s Go! was implemented at the Austin Country Club (ACC) for a major tournament event a few weeks ago, and the response from both volunteers/workers and viewers was immensely positive. Let’s Go! allows fans to scan the QR codes located all around the venue space, put in the destination they wish to go to, and instantly be given the fastest and most precise route to their desired destination. This technology allows visitors to find concession stands, hospitality tents, or various potentially hard to find tee pads/greens with ease, as well as allowing them to have a portable map on their phone that will help route them when they are unsure of how to get to a location they are trying to find. RN.D.S. is able to implement the Let’s Go! technology in virtually any space or venue with little effort, and the wayfinding technology proved to be extremely useful while trying to navigate the 180-acre country club.

Throughout the week and into the weekend, visitors were able to easily find where their favorite players were at and be routed there with the Let’s Go! technology, volunteers were able to help visitors in a more effective and quick manner freeing themselves up to do other tasks, and vendors/sponsors were able to get more visibility and foot traffic for their respective brands since consumers were able to find their tents and set-ups easier. Overall, the weekend was a great success for Let’s Go! and RN.D.S., and this technology represents a fresh take on what is traditionally a frustrating or confusing experience trying to navigate around new places with traditional maps/signage.

Let’s Go! by RN.D.S. represents an innovation in location/wayfinding technology, and as technology and our smartphones continue to be a more essential part of everyday life the Let’s Go! technology will stand out as the optimal solution for larger events and venues as the ideal solution to helping visitors find their way around. Traditional maps are dead, and Let’s Go! by RN.D.S. represents the future of maps and wayfinding.