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RNDS Introduces Game Changing Healthcare Collaboration Platform At SXSW


RNDSapp, an all-in-one, integrated communication and collaboration platform delivers an exceptional healthcare experience for everyone. RNDS, a medical software development company based in Austin, TX presented their hospital communications and collaboration platform, RNDSapp, at the SXSW ReleaseIT! event last week.


Jayson Aydelotte, M.D., co-founder of RNDS and a surgeon in Austin, introduced the intuitive platform, while highlighting their strategic purpose. “Our strategy is to bring a communication system into a hospital that’s way more intuitive than scrolling through a directory. Our goal is to change the whole hospital experience, the doctors’ experience, the nurses’ experience and the patients’ experience, and make that a real bottom line return on investment for hospitals.”

RNDS started with a simple idea: Improve caregiver and patient coordinated care using superior technology. RNDSapp is a HIPAA secure, cloud-based, BYOD communication and collaboration platform that allows doctors and nurses to communicate with and round on patients together—efficiently and effectively. The RNDS platform is designed to solve real business issues for hospital administrators, improving patient experience and ratings; increasing referrals and procedures; reducing nurse turnover; and lowering readmissions.

About RNDS

RNDS is a privately held technology company founded in 2016 by John Sabra, M.D. and Jayson Aydelotte, M.D. in Austin, TX. Both are military veterans and active surgeons and are passionate about improving the overall experience of healthcare today. The company develops and markets a communication platform application for hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. Our innovative and passionate people are creating coordinated healthcare communication tools to empower all user constituencies—doctors, nurses, patients and administrators, and close the gap between technology and patient care.

For more information about RNDS, and its suite of healthcare collaboration and communication tools, please contact Chris Hurst at 512.256.4005 or